Belle Anse’s Timoun (Children) are the future of the family and the community.

How To Give

There are many ways to give to our grass roots project!

Donations for BATF can be tax deductible as a spoke of our sister organization:
Visions For Haiti, which has 501c3 designation.
Please write check addressed to "Visions for Haiti" and designate BATF School in the memo line of your check.
Send to:
Visions For Haiti Inc.
1603 Orchard Rd, Wilmington, DE 19810.
Soon you will be able to donate by paypal through VFH as soon as we add that functionality.

We will accept donations the following ways as well, but due to the 501(c3) expense, these donations are not tax deductible. As with the above, 100% of the money receives goes directly to the cause. (The fee to be a 501(c3) could fund 6 months worth of teaching alone)

To donate, you can give to Linda or Karen and we will bring it when we personally go on missions or send it in a lump sum to minimize the Western Union charges. Please contact us if you'd like to contribute and we will send you our address.

You can also give directly via Western Union Online to Bekert DesCollines in Haiti.
Then email the confirmation they will send you with the order number to
Bekert will then travel to Jacmel to pick it up.
est charges for Western Union: $5 for under $50, $11.99 for over $50.


We have received numerous donations-monetary and in the form of supplies. We also have some creative friends who have contributed by donating items to be raffled. (See quilt raffle below) To donate in any form, please contact us.

What We've Given So Far

  • Money for land and first tax
  • Money for construction at the school-- benches, tables, boards, latrines...
  • Money for teachers
  • Funds to bring supplies and luggage fees
Next trip will bring:
  • donated lap top
Wish List:
  • phone with internet hotspot capability
  • funds for construction projects and supplies
  • instructional CDs
  • paper
  • art supplies: brushes, paints, etc.
Supplies Given:
  • printer and replacement toner cartridge, cable for printer: so lessons do not need to be copied by hand
  • 3:1 copy machine
  • surge protectors and 2 adapters
  • digital camera for documentation
  • 2 reams of paper
  • pens
  • pencils & pencil sharpener
  • sharpies
  • chalk
  • stickers
  • colored pencils
  • crayons
  • art supplies: brushes, paints, etc.
  • donated home schooling text books
  • luggage bags for supply transport
  • food
Bruce won a beautiful quilt that was handmade by Kimie and Scott won an sculpture made by artists in Jacmel.
There was a raffle entry for every $20 donation received.


House/heart Quilt will be raffled to new donors! Entry is made for every $25 of donation...multiple entries allowed.

click photo to enlarge

The winner of the Calypso Quilt raffle is PF from Mt. Vernon, WA! All donors were entered in the drawing.

click photo to enlarge

Calypso Puzzle quilt. "I chose these fabrics because the people are so colorful and different. There are about 20 assorted fabrics in this quilt. The diagonal parts are like the quake aftermath, the straight lines are like the resilience of the people themselves, their inner structure and how they are trying to rebuild with what they have available to them. The swirl quilting pattern signifies the cycle of life that comes and goes continuously. The backing is a celebration of a new beginning for them all.
Hope you like it."